A Virtual ADD Support & Networking Platform for Adults & Their Families

Partnership Levels

1-on-1 Partnership


  • Customized & Actionable plan in digestible meetings
  • Daily Zoom Meetings Based on hours chosen
  • Daily Heart Health Meditation & Training to begin each session
  • Daily Deskercises - Optional
  • Private Family Support Group (For Up to 3 family members)
  • Weekly Webinars 
  • Free Tools and Resources
  • Discounts on products to help with stress and sleeping
  • Weekly newsletter with Life Hacks
  • Private Facebook Group for Support & Networking
  • Daily Text Reminders ( up to 5 max; 7 days a week)
  • Access to Blog
  • LinkedIn Profile Analysis and Training
  • Business Process Optimization Coaching - (Additional Charge)



  • Daily Heart Health Text each morning and/or deskercise
  • Daily Text Reminders (Up to 3; 5 days a week)
  • Option to get 1 on 1 help as needed
  • Private Facebook Group for Networking
  • Monthly webinars on various topics
  • Private Family Support Group ( Up to 1 family member)
  • Access to Monthly Newsletter with Life Hacks
  • Email Support & Phone Support during normal business hours
  • Discounts on products to help with stress and sleeping
  • Free tools and resources
  • Access to Blog
  • Business Process Optimization Coaching - (Additional Charge) 



  • Private Family Support Group 
  • Access to Monthly Newsletter with Life Hacks
  • Option to get 1 on 1 help as needed 
  • Up to 3 Daily Text Reminders
  • Weekly Heart Health Meditations to teach your Family
  • Email support
  • Discounts on products to help with stress and sleeping
  • Monthly webinars with a new topic
  • Access to Blog



  • Listed on Website and Newsletters as a Sponsor
  • Exclusive access to your target audience with offers - Facebook group 
  • Get feedback and testimonials from real users! 
  • Post your content on our Blog
  • Access to a unique workforce for any job openings you may have
  • We'll teach YOUR content and drive traffic back to your store! 
  • Free LinkedIn Profile Analysis

Who Stole Your Car Keys?

Your BRAIN Stole Your Car Keys!

ADD Productivity Coaches work collaboratively with their clients who have ADD or ADD-like symptoms to address specific needs and personal goals.  

Learn how to be on time and increase your overall productivity.  Finally, a support system to help you do your daily health regimens with reminders and accountability!

A Productivity Coach helps people with ADD carry out the practical activities of daily life in an organized, goal-oriented and timely fashion, as well as help individuals with ADD learn how the symptoms of ADD play out in their daily lives.

Our Licensed Heartmath ADD Producticity Coaches & Facilitators:

  • Are taken through a rigorous and elite training program to help develop a customize and actionable daily plan. They can sit with you like an Adult Study hall, or you can opt for a less-hands on approach.   
  • Are thoroughly vetted and interviewed at extensive lengths to ensure that our client's privacy and needs are being met by only the best of the best.  We eventually hire less than 2% of the people who apply to work here.
  • Are required to maintain training and up-to-date coaching and productivity techniques to ensure the success of each of our partners.
  • Are experts in working with a variety of professionals and individuals with a proven record of helping our clients get healthy, stay healthy and maintain a well balanced and functioning life. 

We are 100%  Virtual.  While our Founders live in Ohio and California, our Accountability Coaches reside all over the country.  Collectively, they have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs across the U.S. and have maintained hundreds of hours of accountability partnering.

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Who Stole My Car Keys?

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